Airport life lessons

I aimed the phone to protect the innocent… But yes, this family had eight kids. Well-behaved kiddos but still eight kids. With a hot mom who looked about five years older and the same size as her teenage daughter.

And here’s life lesson #1: even if you’re young and energetic and your kids are good kids, it’s still a freaking lot of kids. And they’re loud, even if each one is using his or her “inside voice.” And they cost a ton of money. Poor dad had to take the kids in three trips to the vending machines just to keep it manageable, and he probably spent thirty bucks on fritos and skittles.

Lesson #2: people are gonna stare and try to figure out the mathematics of what is essentially none of their business. I certainly did. This goes beyond the kids. Anything unusual? Gonna stare. Or keep looking back. Kinda like when I was in Wisconsin in a small town and people spoke really slowly to me.

Lesson #3: don’t trust the “house specialties” in an airport restaurant. Be prepared to be as disappointed as ever. It’s still airport food. I was telling this to a friend of mine, and he said “that’s why people eat at McDonalds – all they sell is consistency. Oh –¬†well, that’s not totally true; their fries are delicious.”

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  1. Food at the Austin airport is good. And, price-protected. But, I guess you already know that. And, don't generally need to eat when you're in Austin, eh?

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