• 6 Months at a Glance April 21, 2014 wpid-20131208_192924.jpg

    …a lot really has happened since we last sat down for a chat. Performing at the ACL Moody Theater opening for legendary songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker was a total thrill. Then I was off to Nashville to attend the Americana conference and had the greatest time performing…

  • City of Angels September 3, 2013 cinema postell juber

    I have always had mixed feelings about Los Angeles…

  • Chillin’ with Dylan April 3, 2013 dylan long time gone

    I was very honored to be part of a month-long production of Long Time Gone, Words and Music by Bob Dylan in the great town of New Haven, Conn. I was joined onstage by Guy Davis, the respected blues musician from New York…

  • Oh, Nashville April 3, 2013 IMG_1335

    I had a charmed week in Nashville this February, I spent time staying with cherished, generous friends, recording new songs with new friends, and sang with some of my favorite voices anywhere.

  • have boots, will travel October 23, 2012 black boots

    These are by far my favorite boots. They are not the flashiest I’ve seen or the most colorful I own, but they are the most meaningful. They came to me with so much love soaked into every stitch and breathed over them. They were hand-made in Texas then traveled across the ocean to Belgium, where they lived for a while and roamed free on the back of a Harley, then finally they journeyed north to Friesland, where I met them in the home of people I truly love.

  • bettysoo’s stevia macaroons August 30, 2012 stevia macaroons

    Since so many people have asked me for the recipe for my reduced sugar macaroons, here it is. Ingredients: 3 large egg whites…

  • (Some Parts…) – A Slight Return October 4, 2011 sam baker and BS UK

    After a long day’s travels, Doug and I each arrived at Heathrow Airport, where our friends awaited us with beautifully painted welcome posters…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 7 June 19, 2011 tish andreas doug me

    One of my favorite aspects of touring is finding I have an extended family all over the world. In Austin, musicians are really fortunate to have a community…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 6 June 11, 2011 NL dunes

    My last stop in the Netherlands was the ancient city of Nijmegen. There is a palpable weight borne in this place by the second World War…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 5 June 7, 2011 amsterdam blue building

    “Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice,” Doug murmured as my expectant expression turned to disappointment…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 4 June 5, 2011 BS DC NL HC

    The big news here is that Mladić is finally in the Hague to stand trial for genocide and war…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 3 June 2, 2011 mcwifi

    I was in the wrong place, but it must have been the right time. Doug and I performed…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 2 May 30, 2011 piombino

    When I tell people I’m heading to Europe for a month to tour, the reaction is always…

  • (Some Parts of the) World Tour – Part 1 May 28, 2011 IMG_2800

    First lesson in Italy: Pack stretchy jeans. I’m not sure what I was thinking…

  • The Unbearable Weight of Our Grievances August 11, 2010

    Over a pan of cooking eggs, I started thinking about the term “pet peeve,” and that’s what started me on the path…

  • May updates – see you on the road! May 5, 2010

    What a cool year already. I’m having more fun playing with my band…

  • 2009 Wrap-up… May 5, 2010

    2009 has been a great year, and I am so grateful…

  • Save the Cactus Cafe April 7, 2010

    I have been deeply disturbed by the nature of the dialog surrounding the impending fate of the Cactus…

  • New Year, New Resolutions January 2, 2010

    Growing up, my mother always had us sit down and write 3-5 resolutions…

  • Reading for pleasure December 23, 2009 IMG_0489

    I’m reading Anna Karenina. Again. Well, not exactly “again”…

  • Already jaded? December 12, 2009

    So update on my life from the past few hours: this flight is annoying. At least I have a pleasant rowmate. AND at least I got to carry my guitar on, no problem. Maybe after the whole “United Breaks Guitars” YouTube debacle, they’re extra conscious. Who knows? Okay so I’m thankful for those things. Anyway, my flight didn’t BOARD until 1pm – we were supposed to depart at 11:45. And they haven’t made a single announcement about why they were delayed or what time they anticipate our landing. There wasn’t even anyone at our gate until 12:50. So that is frustrating too. Oh well. On a more personal level, I drank a whole can of cranapple and need to pee like a caged dog. But they keep running into pockets of turbulence, so we’re all chained to our seats. Of all things to drink and not be able to pee…Cranapple!! Why? Why?  When ...

  • Holiday Thoughts December 12, 2009 IMG_0420

    Thanksgiving was a wonderful time for me with my family in Houston. I’m always grateful for the time I get to spend with each of my sisters, my parents, and grandmother, as well as cousins and other extended family. When I allow myself to think about it, I know I’m not pursuing the career any of them envisioned for me. Considering that – and the fact that I’m not in the securest line of work – I am so thankful for their support and love. If you come to a show in Houston, you’re sure to spy my mom, daddy, and probably my younger sister there. Every time. Which is amazing, I know. All this to say, there’s so much to be thankful for. But the relationships with those who love us despite how well they really know us – including our broken histories and darker demons – seem miraculous. Perhaps my Thanksgiving musings ...

  • Who would you change seats for? September 15, 2009

    The woman did the most violent double take, stared at Patty Griffin, grabbed her bags, and hurriedly changed seats…

  • Airport life lessons August 9, 2009 IMG_3009

    I aimed the phone to protect the innocent… But yes, this family had eight kids. Well-behaved kiddos but still eight kids. With a hot mom who looked about five years older and the same size as her teenage daughter. And here’s life lesson #1: even if you’re young and energetic and your kids are good kids, it’s still a freaking lot of kids. And they’re loud, even if each one is using his or her “inside voice.” And they cost a ton of money. Poor dad had to take the kids in three trips to the vending machines just to keep it manageable, and he probably spent thirty bucks on fritos and skittles. Lesson #2: people are gonna stare and try to figure out the mathematics of what is essentially none of their business. I certainly did. This goes beyond the kids. Anything unusual? Gonna stare. Or keep looking back. Kinda like ...

  • Arizona August 2, 2009 IMG_1045

    I love this place. I'm spoiled by the scenery.

  • Wide open spaces July 31, 2009 wide sky road

    Charlie Faye and I are trekking in my little orange car to make our way to Salt Lake City by Saturday. It’s a lot of miles. But the conversation is stimulating, and the view is gorgeous, as you can see! This is a photo Charlie captured after I forced her to take a picture. Am I a mean, bossy driver? Maybe. I just wanted to share New Mexico with y’all…

  • roach motel. seriously. July 11, 2009 IMG_0937

    I am trying to be a big girl about this. But I am definitely sleeping in my car. When I reached behind my pillow, um, I felt something. Then in a Maria-like Sound of Music inspired move, I jumped out of bed and threw back the covers… and a roach ran out. Yes, really. There were other creepy crawlies in there too. I wanted to cry a little bit. But I did not. I closed my suitcase, made sure my toothbrush was zipped away, brought my personal pillow out to the car, folded the seats appropriately, and made myself a little bed. Yes, I did. Sorry if I’m having a bit of a pity party. I’m okay. But I’m tired. And I keep feeling phantom bugs crawling on me. Tomorrow will be a better day. At least my guitar is in air conditioning.

  • 15 songs. I just said I wasn’t gonna do this. July 3, 2009

    I just got off the phone this morning and said I wasn’t going to do any of these danged Facebook survey things because I don’t have the time for them. Not only that, I said I wasn’t going to do THIS one specifically. And then I got tagged on it a couple of times, and I got curious what would come up for me…and I did it. Dang it. I’m such a SUCKER. Ah well…so here goes. It’s called “Get in the Mix.” I’m not going to tell you to do it and tag me or tag “x” number of people or anything. But here’s what the instructions were, and I followed them. If you want to do it too, feel free. There’s a part of me that doesn’t believe people are really interested in what I’m listening to, but oh well… it’s lunch break time anyway. So you’ll ...

  • Priorities June 24, 2009

    I’m working in my dining room. If I look peaceful in this picture, don’t be fooled. My stuff is in haphazard piles and tumbling occasionally to the floor. I am here because my office has become too chaotic for work. I am slowly transforming my house into what looks like a FEMA disaster area. And there are too many specific tasks associated with every slip of paper and every scrap of what looks like trash to be able to ask anyone to help. What I need is more hours to get things done in a day…and for an insomniac with more than a tad bit of workaholism, that’s a tall order. I’m realizing these things about myself lately – the workaholism, my lifelong inability to stay organized, the need for control over the details in my career and life in general, my craving to hit the road and play show after ...

  • The cover? Really??? June 18, 2009 chroncover

    For once in my life (those who know me will attest to the rareness of this…) I am speechless. Shocked. I had no idea!! edit 6/24: I now have linked the photo to the article by Margaret Moser so you can read it!

  • Cover Girl June 12, 2009 hsws blockprints

    Some of you may recall that when I was taking pre-orders for Heat Sin Water Skin, one upgrade option was to receive a frameable version of the album cover art. They’re almost done…half of me is immensely satisfied by having a venture in the visual rather than musical arts for a change. The other half of me is repeating to herself, “What were you thinking?!?!” I gotta admit, though…they’re cool!

  • Texas is a beautiful, beautiful state June 10, 2009 texas drive

    This was part of my drive to Possum Kingdom Lake. Heavenly.

  • I Will Not Speed May 10, 2009

    Or whatever reason, this text didn’t post to my blog. So I’m trying again as a separate post… Re: not speeding – Okay I probably won’t keep that promise. But defensive driving took a lifetime, and I don’t ever want to do that again. So I guess the deterrent of massive expense and time lost in the long run…is working. Police and courts are apparently pretty smart. And I have a lead foot, so I’m apparently pretty dumb.

  • I Will Not Speed May 9, 2009 don't speed

  • Breakfast Song May 8, 2009

    Those of you who know me know that I love to eat breakfast. I love to eat big, big, hearty, savory, dinner-like breakfasts. So I don’t know if the message of this video should bring people hope or deep depression about the afterlife. No mo beef stew? No mo pork chops? No mo sugar & rice? At least he didn’t say no more pickled chili curry. Because I will still want to eat that for breakfast in heaven.

  • Empty Bowls May 3, 2009 clay

    This afternoon, I went to ClayWays to make some bowls for the Empty Bowl Project – which is always the Sunday before Thanksgiving here in Austin, held last year and this fall (its 13th year!) at the Mexican American Cultural Center on River Street downtown. No, they didn’t put me in front of a wheel – they’re way too smart for that. But I did make some pretty cute bowls to raise some money for the Capital Area Food Bank. And they sent me home with this 25 pound hunk of clay – to make more at home! Yippeee! I will be posting pictures of the bowls as they are formed. I can’t wait. Only 198 days to go. And I’ll be performing there at some point in the afternoon, so be sure to swing by, pick a bowl, pick a soup, and listen to great local music. And by great, I ...

  • Whoa nelly! Sleep studies are serious business! April 22, 2009 IMG_0577

    Look at all the stuff attached to me! And some over my heart, some all over the back of my head, some on my legs. Hope I can sleep with all this stuff on me!

  • Old Settler’s Music Fest April 21, 2009 IMG_0571

    A fantastic time. So fun to play with friends Jenny Reynolds and Ben Mallott – especially closing the set with The Return of the Grievous Angel. But also REALLY fun meeting new friends, like Spen here…

  • return of the 80’s April 13, 2009

    just thought i would share…i didn’t even realize until i was sitting here working – how 80’s i looked while jogging today. it’s scary. …and yes, leggings were involved.

  • The Blue Door April 9, 2009 IMG_0544

    So happy to play the Blue Door last night. Greg is one of the sweetest, most hilarious, fun and gracious guys in the biz. He’s there for the songs and the musicians and the listeners, not for any of the stuff that distracts from the music. I know Charlie Faye fell in love with playing there last night. I wish I could be here all the time. I may be a stranger in OKC, but the Blue Door feels a lot like home.

  • Sam Houston April 9, 2009 photo

    Driving from Houston to Oklahoma City, Charlie Faye snapped a photo of this icon from my childhood…we saw him every time we went to high school graduation each spring. He’s actual size. Okay, maybe he’s a little bigger than that. Like 20% bigger than actual size. I’m convinced those must be mini-trees.

  • Everything is coming up roses April 8, 2009 IMG_0529

                  I am so happy my roses are blooming. I got to enjoy them for about 15 minutes before leaving town again, but it was worth it. Gave some to my mom in Houston, my inspiration for growing them in the first place. I’ll never forget the roses she grew when I was a kid. Look how pretty she is!

  • Sean’s Song April 1, 2009 IMG_0220

    In fond memory of Sean Ervin Pouring sugar in your coffeeStains left on your paper plateSee the bands around your wristSee the outline of your face I see the yellow of your hairSee the gentleness of your smileI see the road’s curve in my mindAnd you flying by I knew you such a brief sweet breathStill in your dawnWhat I’d give to sit with you againI’d stay a little long – a little longer than I didThe last time that I saw youDays before I heard you were gone I remember things I saidI wish I never hadI remember ways I put you downWays I made you sad I remember how you laughedLike it never really pained youAnd no one can recallA single time that you complained I knew you such a brief sweet breathStill in your dawnWhat I’d give to sit with you againI’d stay a little long – a little longer than I didThe ...

  • Sean March 30, 2009 IMG_0231

    I lost a very sweet friend last night. Like everyone who knew him, I am completely heartbroken. Sweet, sweet Sean, we already miss you.

  • Ahrre’s coffee March 30, 2009 ahrre's coffee

    Here is my sweet friend and host for (most of) the week at his coffee roastery. Live in northern Jersey or near NYC? Visit him! 104 Elm St. in Westfield.

  • Photo…hmm… March 28, 2009

    Don’t know what happened there, but things get tangly when you’re blogging via phone. Here’s the photo!

  • Favorite sxsw picture March 28, 2009 BettySoo Tish and Will

    Me, Tish Hinojosa, Will T. Massey. Photo by Valerie Fremin. Thanks Val!! This was at that great vintage shop Amelia’s now on South 1st St. In case anyone’s interested, I’m going to open a show for Tish in the Woodlands at the end of May. Fun!!

  • Shoreline Grill March 27, 2009 IMG_0385

    Mmmm this is definitely one of my favorite places in the world!! Prosciutto-wrapped giant gulf shrimp stuffed with goat cheese and basil with mashed potatoes in cream sauce with wilted spinach and (garlic?) chives. Okay, I think about food a lot.

  • taco tour, cont. March 25, 2009 taco menu

    It was a return trip to Las Cazuelas as we revisit some of the best of the tour thus far. A little disappointing, I have to admit. First, the good stuff: the jukebox was a little quieter as opposed to deafening. The food was still really, really delicious (exceptions noted below…). The waitress was pleasant, kind, helpful – note: you have to speak Spanish here. The downside: they were out of horchata. And chorizo. The red salsa tasted like dirt – I remember it being really good last time. The food took so long that some of it was piping hot but my tacos were cold – almost refrigerator cold. The coffee was miserable and weak. When we revisted La Cocina de Consuela a few weeks ago, however, that was a totally different story. La Cocina may still be at the top of the list for me. If you’ve never been, go NOW.

  • The drag race March 24, 2009 IMG_0359

    Tonight I was introduced to a new show. My sweet friend Abi is in town for the week, and she took me to a viewing party for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Very entertaining. A little sad that the final determining competition was a lip-sync off to a RuPaul song, but what did you really expect? While we were all pretty much rooting for Nina, Bebe was a close second in my book. So I’m not overly disappointed. The winner’s tiara was a little out of control. But I got to wear my own headgear, courtesy of our gracious hosts. I look a little tired. I am. I’m not gonna lie. This week has kicked my rear a little bit.

  • Opal / Harry connection March 22, 2009 IMG_0349

    I have discovered something very important. Opal Divine is really Harry Potter in drag. I don’t know how I feel about this.

  • We love Will March 22, 2009 IMG_0348

    Here’s Will, playing right now with Mario Escovedo – Alejandro’s brother.

  • Adam falls March 22, 2009 holmes rib

    Holmes fell for the temptation. I led him to the tainted food, and he succumbed.

  • Adam’s rib March 22, 2009 IMG_0344

    So Holmes and I were partying southeast Austin style. There were short ribs on the bbq, but we didn’t get one in time. By the way, I had no idea my dream home was already built out there, but it is. Amazingly, someone was unable to locate a trash can and abandoned their half-eaten rib right in front of us. So I ate it. It was delicious. I ate it down to the bone. And I ain’t sorry at all. I gave Holmes one bite.

  • Graham Weber is my hero March 22, 2009 IMG_0341

    I’m speechless. He’s beautiful.

  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman March 21, 2009 finley rose

    Here is the gorgeous Finley with her wonderful portrait of me!

  • Sonny Throckmorton is my other sweetie March 21, 2009 throckmorton threadgills

    Here he is…singing “Trying to Love Two Women” Tuesday night at Threadgill’s. But I did tell him I couldn’t try to love two men and that Dave might not understand.

  • Hey little cupcake! March 17, 2009 IMG_0325

    Sweet Reanne, fellow Sxsw volunteer baked and brought cupcakes to share. Yum!!

  • Observe and Report March 16, 2009

    Oh my gosh. Just watched this movie. So out of control. I have never laughed so hard while being totally shocked saying out loud, “holy crap, did they just do that?!?!”

  • hair cut? March 16, 2009

    I’m toying with the idea of cutting my hair. Not right away – and not committed to it, just toying with it. What do you think? I’ve just pulled the long layers out of the left picture here, letting the short layers hang out… I think it could be cute. Yes? No? And comfortable for summer. Too boyish? I know it’s messy now b/c it’s not actually cut/shaped, but you get the idea. Anyway, I’m not sold on it just yet, but I’ve had long hair for a long time now…

  • Bowling champs March 16, 2009 david bowling beard

    The Shoveler (aka Will Sexton – not William H Macy) reigned supreme at the bowling alley last night. We knew we were in for trouble when he said, “I’m gonna have to stop by home and pick up my ball…” He whooped us. As you can see.

  • I just ate a whole box of these March 15, 2009

    The remorse that followed reminded me of something I’ve known for some time but have trouble heeding – if you want to eat well, you have to subscribe to the “don’t buy it diet.” But the chips aisle is always the most beautiful aisle in the store. Well, okay, the chips aisle and the candy aisle. Very enticing aisles. And…the frozen ghetto pizza roll aisle. And the ice cream aisle. And the bakery section. Tonight Gurf had his CD release show at the Cactus – it was a great show, of course, tons of people, mostly cheery happy funny songs. Just kidding about the cheery happy funny part. Although he did do this Blaze Foley hitchhiking song that was super hilarious. Lots of great stories, Ray Bonneville played some incredible harmonica, and Sam Baker was great. But Sam, how do you feel about me? Okay, sorry, that’s only funny to Sam. One ...

  • taco tour, cont. March 11, 2009 double taco

    Ahhhh the taco tour. Some of you who know me know that I have been part of a weekly Austin taco tour – we’ve been going since early last summer, every week, to a different breakfast taco spot. There are four of us who have visited dozens of different locations. Starting last week, we have started to re-visit our top half dozen spots, to ensure their staying power at the top of the list, before we begin embarking on more new places. This morning we returned to Mi Madre’s on Manor Rd. Even more than I remembered, the tacos were HUGE, stuffed with filling and VERY hot. They were delicious, and the creamy, spicy, green diablo sauce was a hit again. Here are some photos of my wrapped tacos, Sean enjoying one of his tacos, and my machacado with egg taco. Delicious.

  • jogging again?? March 8, 2009

    seriously…what’s going on? someone with some insight call me and tell me why i’m so wound up. i’m sure someone out there knows… but i went jogging again today! just really, really felt like it. so weird. i feel like i don’t even know myself. another 3 miles, still a comfy 10 or so minute pace… slightly painful but it also felt good. weird.

  • last night, this morning, and daylight savings March 8, 2009

    Last night was so great – the Townes Van Zandt tribute at the Cactus was packed per usual, with tons of folks lined up waiting to get in – and then waiting through the first set hoping to get in for the second. I sang “Squash” (thanks to the helpful choir!) and “When She Don’t Need Me” (the song from yesterday’s video). Butch Hancock hosted – and he was wonderful as always. David Garza was breathtaking, Michael Fracasso stirring, Graham Weber completely charming. Aimee was beautiful…everyone was great. It was an enchanting concert overall. But by the time I was driving home, it was 1:30 in the morning…pre-daylight savings. Overslept – but didn’t know it because I forgot to set my watch ahead. Missed early church but made it to a later service. I’m so tired. In happier news, I took the electric scooter for a ride this afternoon – first time ...

  • Townes Van Zandt birthday March 7, 2009

    I made this little video of “When She Don’t Need Me” this afternoon in honor of Townes Van Zandt’s birthday today – hope I get to sing it tonight. See y’all at the Cactus.

  • jogging March 7, 2009

    I went jogging for the first time in years. YEARS. I was wound up – I don’t know, woke up that way. I used to jog a lot. A lot. I did lots of 5Ks, 10Ks, did some half marathons, pounded pavement. And then one morning, I was doing a run with my running group and it dawned on me: I don’t enjoy this. So I up and quit – right then. I know, weird. But then the past couple weeks, I felt the urge to go run, but it was always at bad times. This morning, felt it again, ran. 3 miles around town lake, about 10 minutes/mile. I was proud of that, even though lots and lots of faster people were passing me. Woody was out there singing, dogs were swimming, the wind was blowing – it was a perfect day for a jog. There was some energy drink stand out ...

  • first home video ever March 6, 2009

    so…i made my first home music video ever. Click the photo to see…Now, it’s very casual, nothing amazing. Pretty off the cuff – so don’t have high expectations. And it’s my first time. Be kind.

  • old blog posts… March 5, 2009

    If you want to see old blog posts, visit my MySpace blog. I left it idle so long, I knew I needed an easier way to do this. So I started this one instead. But if you click on the brainy face, you’ll find my old MySpace blog. This is only for those who are insatiably curious with too much time on their hands.