August 10, 2017 – August 12, 2017 all-day
Cimarron River, Roots on the Rails Train Trip
225 S Canal St
Chicago, IL 60606

When a sleeper car that you need for a trip originating in Los Angeles actually “lives” in St. Louis, what do you do? Well, if you’re us, you pack it full of fun people and a little music and offer the experience up for sale at greatly reduced prices! People who need to get to and from LA for the “big” trip have a handy way of avoiding the steerage-like quality of today’s air travel, and other folks who just love a good train ride can hop on board too!

Ride with us on The Cimarron River at a fraction of the normal charter rate as we travel on a positioning move for the sold-out August West of the West train. Join Austin’s exquisite chanteuse, the irrepressible Betty Soo, and Roots on the Rails crew members and sound gear on a very exclusive little journey.

Our car is a private sleeper, Cimarron River, built in 1948 for the St. Louis- San Francisco Railway, the “Frisco.” It has a mix of private single person cabins (“roomettes”) and two-person cabins (“double bedrooms”). Each has roomy seating by day, and comfortable beds by night. All bedding and towels are provided.

There are less than a dozen spaces available. The first eight spots will be sold at $889 each either direction (CHI-LA or LA-CHI), or $1,749 per person round trip; after that the price raises $100 per person, to $989 each way, or $1,949 round trip per person for the remaining six slots. We have two roomettes available each direction between Chicago and Albuquerque (or Albuquerque and Chicago) for $549 each, and two roomettes available from Albuquerque to LA for $439 each)

Westbound (with BettySoo), we depart Chicago 3 pm Thursday, August 10, travel across the Mississippi, through Kansas City, Dodge City, a wee corner of Colorado, over Raton Pass and into Albuquerque. Along Route 66 through Flagstaff and the high desert, then down to the sea… to arrive in Los Angeles on the morning of Saturday, August 12.

Eastbound (with artist TBA), Depart Los Angeles at 6:10 pm Saturday, 26 August, travel over the mighty Cajon Pass overnight to Albuquerque, through New Mexico, over Raton Pass, across Kansas and over the Mississippi to arrive in Chicago at 3:15 in the afternoon (if on time) Monday, August 28.

Those of us on board provide our own food and beverages. In 2016, we were amazed at how easy and effortless it all turned out to be. We’re holding Bedrooms A&B as a communal suite for music, hanging out and socializing. We will have a fine vestibule, perfect for watching the great panorama of the west roll by. There’s no great suite of amenities…. it’s just a sleeping car. But it is our sleeping car. On the very rear of Amtrak’s Southwest Chief.

There’s a microwave and small fridge, two general toilets and one shower. Each solo-traveler roomette has folding sink and sofa; bed folds out of wall. Bedrooms -for two- have bunk-type beds that fold out of wall; sofa by day, with sink and toilet in annex. Lie in bed and watch the world go by, dream and read, sip a beverage of your choice – make this journey your own….

Truly, this is the way to travel.

If you have questions, please contact us at 866-484-3669 or

To purchase space, click here.

This trip is refundable up to 60 days prior to start of event, less 3% credit card fee.

Charge will appear as FLYING UNDER RADAR, LLC, Bellows Falls, VT.