WASILLA, AK: Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp

August 27, 2017 – September 2, 2017 all-day
AK 99654
Joe Becker, Camp Director
(907) 331-4864

Being away from everyday cares and responsibilities allows for intense focus on music; therefore, many students make major technical and conceptual strides during the week. Learning becomes much easier around people who have similar goals and who want you to succeed.

Each major class will be 75 minutes in duration and a student may sign up for up to two major & three minor classes. Major classes meet each day and will build upon the previous day’s class. Minor classes meet only once during the week but for 90 minutes.

A short description of each course can be found here. Please indicate your class preferences on the enrollment form. Scheduling will be done in a way to minimize class conflicts for as many campers as possible.

Prioritize your classes carefully because courses may run concurrently and, thus, not all classes will be available in every time slot.

Detailed information on Instructors can be found here. After class, the days are filled with workshops, concerts, and jam sessions.