have boots, will travel

These are by far my favorite boots. They are not the flashiest I’ve seen or the most colorful I own, but they are the most meaningful. They came to me with so much love soaked into every stitch and breathed over them. They were hand-made in Texas then traveled across the ocean to Belgium, where they lived for a while and roamed free on the back of a Harley, then finally they journeyed north to Friesland, where I met them in the home of people I truly love.

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  1. Saw “Long Time Gone” last night (Sat) at Lyric Hall. I was the damn fool that came up on stage after the show and had a photo taken with all of you – and Peter Landecker’s guitar. The concert and the music and your voice won’t leave me. Such an evening. Your version of “Every Grain of Sand” – was the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. And the three of you – each with a vision of Dylan’s music – it’s like you did what the movie “I’m Not There” tried to do. My buddy went last week – and last night went again – this time with his wife – and another couple Thank you for the evening – I hope CT audiences treat you well and make you feel welcome – I have a great shot of the three of you on stage at the end. If you’d like a copy – let me know where to email a copy. At times listening – I heard a young Joan Baez – but then – that fell by the waysides – and it was all BettySoo – and that made all the difference.

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