I Will Not Speed

Or whatever reason, this text didn’t post to my blog. So I’m trying
again as a separate post…

Re: not speeding – Okay I probably won’t keep that promise. But
defensive driving took a lifetime, and I don’t ever want to do that
again. So I guess the deterrent of massive expense and time lost in
the long run…is working.

Police and courts are apparently pretty smart.

And I have a lead foot, so I’m apparently pretty dumb.

2 thoughts on “I Will Not Speed

  1. I have started using cruise control whenever possible. I used to get a lot of tickets. This has helped immensely. I had a couple of tickets a year for a few years, but now I've only had one in well over a decade (that was a farce, but what can you do?) Cruise control is to a great degree responsible for the reduction.

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