last night, this morning, and daylight savings

Last night was so great – the Townes Van Zandt tribute at the Cactus was packed per usual, with tons of folks lined up waiting to get in – and then waiting through the first set hoping to get in for the second. I sang “Squash” (thanks to the helpful choir!) and “When She Don’t Need Me” (the song from yesterday’s video). Butch Hancock hosted – and he was wonderful as always. David Garza was breathtaking, Michael Fracasso stirring, Graham Weber completely charming. Aimee was beautiful…everyone was great. It was an enchanting concert overall. But by the time I was driving home, it was 1:30 in the morning…pre-daylight savings.

Overslept – but didn’t know it because I forgot to set my watch ahead. Missed early church but made it to a later service.

I’m so tired.

In happier news, I took the electric scooter for a ride this afternoon – first time in a while! It made me very, very happy.

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