love is here…love is real

Wow, I just spent a good chunk of time in Buda, Texas with my friend Brian Standefer who is co-producing my new album with me. It was a good chunk of time and a chunk of GOOD TIME. Working with Brian is so easy for me – we fed off each other’s ideas so quickly and naturally, and it was really energizing to toss ideas around and be able to trust the other person totally understood what needed to happen next.

The title of this update comes from one of the songs we recorded – I know, it doesn’t sound like what you probably think of as a typical BettySoo lyric, but there it is. And this process, working with such great musicians who really rallied to make what is going to be a great record reinvigorated my belief that “love is here, love is coming, love is gonna stay with you even when you’re running…love is real.

I hope to release the album by this coming summer, but that does seem so soon…so much to do before then. Wish me luck.

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