Oh, Nashville

I had a charmed week in Nashville this February, where I flew straight from a month in New Haven, Connecticut – which I realize I haven’t written about here yet. Well, one thing at a time. I spent time staying with cherished, generous friends, recording new songs with new friends, and singing with some of my favorite voices anywhere.

Left to right, first row: Neilson Hubbard, who produced four tunes for me at Mr. Lemons Studio in Nashville, TN. He is pictured with Liberace, a white bedazzled capo who has graced the necks of many guitars. BTW, I did the “bedazzling.” With a name like Liberace, that capo needed some jewels! Pictured to the right of Neilson are Evan Hutchings, who played incredible drums and percussion on the session, and Kris Donegan, who laid down lush, ambient, textural guitar parts and a spritely banjo part.

Second row: Jill Phillips who, on her birthday, came to sing PERFECT harmony parts. Can you say One Take Wonder? Robby Hecht who, while in the middle of moving, came to sing on what is quite possibly the hardest duet ever written (okay, not really, but he is a CHAMP). A half-eaten quiche, which I very much enjoyed, from Sweet 16 Bakery.

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