Who would you change seats for?

I boarded a plane this morning, headed from home to Nashville for the Americana Music Conference this week. As I put my guitar in the overhead bin, I dropped my phone on the shoulder of the woman who would be seated in front of me. She was comfortably settled in, and I felt so awkward and sorry for bonking her with this brick.

I got settled in too. Then Patty Griffin walked by. Cool, right?

Well, then the funniest thing happened. The woman I bonked did the most violent double take, stared at Patty walking away down the aisle, grabbed her bags, and hurriedly changed seats to sit by her. Really.

So here’s the question. If you were comfortably settled in, who would have to walk by on your flight to cause you to grab your stuff and move?

2 thoughts on “Who would you change seats for?

  1. Now that I know who you are, I would move for you. I love the song “when you whisper my name”. Sitting by you, I would ask where your inspiration came from for this song, what your future dreams are, and show you pictures of my children. My son is 22 and single..!

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