I have thought for a long time now about hosting recording and pre-production workshops for musicians. Who can forget the first time going into the studio – whether for demos, that first album, or just to get some studio experience? I vividly remember hours and money lost from my first recording ventures, and there is a lot worth cringing over. Along the way, I have learned so much, some by trial and error and some from the great people who have surrounded me the past several years.

For a couple years now, I have been writing songs and getting prepared to record some new tracks with the band, and we are starting the recording this summer. Finally!

With the new recording comes a special project that will allow some of YOU to bear witness to the process in the studio, hearing how we make decisions about the production of the songs, hear the outtakes…and re-takes…and to ask questions along the way about why we do things as we do.

Some of you might be interested in coming along because you’ve never seen a recording session in progress and are curious about how we take songs from start to finish. Some of you might be young artists (young in your recording career path, at least!) who are curious to see how another artist works – or because you are about to embark on your own project and would like to learn some tips and tricks from folks who’ve made an album more than a few times. Some of you just want to be as supportive as possible of my music – and you are truly appreciated.

So read on to learn about your opportunity to see the new recording process in person and to be part of the next BettySoo project in a very special way.


First things first. Pre-production, then the big production. If you’re going to learn about saving time and money in the studio, you’re going to have to learn about pre-production. Will Sexton and I will be hosting a pre-production seminar June 24th at the Austin Songwriters’ Group headquarters in south Austin. We will be charting our map for our time in the studio in July, and we would love to have you watch and listen in as we make our plans. We’ll have plent

y of time for Q&A, so you can ask why we’re doing what we’re doing.

ASG is making a special exception to their general (and strict!) rule that only members may attend workshops they host – so if you are interested in learning both about pre-production and what other services ASG provides throughout the year, I highly suggest you register to attend!

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